WedSetPlan takes great care in protecting your personal information that is submitted through the website. All procedures are followed, as outlined by the Data Protection Act 1998, in order to responsibly manage all personal data which may identify an individual. The data collected will be dependent on the service you require, whether you are a vendor or a customer. The privacy policy will outline how we use the information.

  1. Types of Information That May Be Collected About You.

When you join our website as a customer or a vendor specific information may be required to aid in the delivery of our service. This is the same for joining all aspects of the service, including, mobile applications, blog forum, newsletter subscription, submission of website form, and any other remits of the service.

We may ask for things like, names, addresses, e-mail address, telephone contact details and date of birth, dependent upon which service you require. If you are aged under 16, a guardian’s consent is required to process personal information.

We have provided some more detail about the information we may collect:

Information you give to us: You may provide information to us through forms on our services/application. These could be for signing up to the website, registering for newsletters and applications, posting any material, or the completion of any forms for surveys and review purposes. We may also require information if you wish to report ot problem or enter a competition.

Information about your use of our website: We may collect and monitor pertaining to your use of the website, including your IP address. (do we use cookies? Do we need a cookies policy?)

Information about the device you are using: If you use our services, we will monitor what type of device you are using for the delivery of our service. This will include where possible, the devices’ unique identifies, operating system, mobile network information and browser type and the device telephone number. This will be collated for internal system reports and for statistical analysis, for ourselves and our advertisers.

Information about your use of our app: We may also monitor and collect your use of our website, the way in which you navigate around our website, the pages you visit, and how you interact with them. Again this is done for internal system reports and statistical analysis.

Information about your location: When you enable your location, or use one of our location enables websites, we may collect information about your actual location, but will always ask prior to this. This can be changed at any time through your device.

Information about your transactions: If you sign up to anything that may require a fee on any platform of our service, we will record the details of the transaction.

Contact information: If you contact us we may record your correspondence for auditing and training purposes.

  1. How we look after your information

The information that is collected may be transferred in order to provide an efficient service. This could require for it to be stored in a destination outside the European Economic Area (including the EU, Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein). Your information will be made available to staff when needed to process forms, contact relevant vendors, or provide anything related to admin/HR and customer service.

The transmission of information through the internet is not 100% secure, which is out of our power, yet we still take every possible precaution in ensuring the safety of your information. However, we cannot ensure its security and it is important to note that when you provide us with personal information you do so at your own risk. We implement strict procedures and security features to try and prevent unauthorised access.

Your information will only be held on our system for as long as it is required for the relevant service, or as long as it is set out in any contract you hold with us. If you choose to opt-out of receiving contact from us your record will stay on the system so that we can ensure that you are not contacted in the future. If you wish to cancel any subscription/registration you have with us, you can contact us through emailing Information of which is available on our “Contact Us” section of our website.

  1. How we use your information

Your information will be used for a number of things, including:

  • To provide you with relevant offers and promotions provided by us. This may be done through, email, post, telephone, SMS, or push notification, based on what has been permitted by you. You can choose to opt-out of this contact at any point by emailing and providing your name, email address, and any other information needed to identify your account. You will always be given the option to opt-out with every communication.
  • Your IP address may be used for auditing and statistical analysation purposes as well as for blocking disruptive users.
  • We will use your information to contact you when required, such as password reminders, or for notifications pertaining to the service.
  • To notify you of any change to your account, any confirmation of interaction, or changes to our service.
  • To help personalise the service to make it the best for you, by analysing information and then providing the best user interface and relevant information.
  • To process payments, events, competitions, and any other requests that you make to us.
  • To keep our records up to date.
  • To invite you to participate in surveys about our website (which is voluntary) and allowing other people or business to carry out work on our behalf.
  • Where we have your consent, to forward your information to relevant third party organisations.
  • To ensure the relevance of any content you see, including advertising. Refer to our Cookies policy for more information. We may use third party organisation for the collection of data and advertising purposes. They may use information of your visit to the website and our other services, in order to provide relevant information that is of interest to you. If you would like more information regarding this visit


  1. Sharing your information with others

Your information will mainly be used by WedSetPlan and its related services in order to provide you the best service possible.

Your information will only be forwarded to other companies with your consent. This will be done in order to improve the service provided to you across all of our platforms. In addition, information will also be disclosed when it is required by law, for example government bodies and law enforcement. Please note that if you post inappropriate or offensive contact across any of our platforms, we may use your information to stop such behaviour. In these instances, information may be used to inform relevant third parties such as your employer, school, email/internet provider, or law enforcement about your content and behaviour.

All third parties are required to treat your information in the same protective manner that we do. Also, unless you consent otherwise we also require for no third parties to use your information for their own business purposes.

  1. Your rights and further information

Under legislation (Data Protection Act) you have the right to request a copy of any information we hold about you and to have any mistakes corrected. This will incur a charge of £10.00 for information requests and will require to provide your identity with 2 pieces of approved photo evidence. Following which, reasonable precautions will be taken to supply, correct, or delete any necessary personal data about you on our files

Our privacy policy is reviewed and updated from time to time. We ask that you check the policy every time you submit information to any of our services. The date of any change to our policy will be listed at the bottom of the document.

Our services may contain links to websites, application, and service providers that are third party owned and operated. These third parties will have their own privacy policies pertaining to the use of the data that they collect, which you should review. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of the third party organisations.

If you have any questions or comments pertaining to the privacy policy please contact:


Last updated: July 2017


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